There are few things as exciting to me as a new frontier…stepping out into something I’ve never explored, and seeing what adventure lies beyond the next bend.  This new podcast is like that.  Well, not exactly.

Let me briefly explain.  I’ve been a full-time, pro audiobook narrator for 12 years.  Before that, I spent a long, not terribly lucrative (but very fun) career in radio broadcasting.  After all this time off the air, I found myself missing that dynamic.  So after chatting with a good radio friend of mine from back in the day, I decided to take the “podcast plunge” as it were, and finally reunite with my old long-lost friend, ElectroVoice RE20 (pictured above).  Not live anymore, of course – but I’ll get used to that.

So, welcome along for the ride!  As I work to combine my passion for audiobook performance with my love of spending quality time with a listening audience, I hope you’ll enjoy what we have to offer!  On the webpage you’ll find a contact form – I hope you’ll use it!  Let me know what you think, what you’d like to know more about, less about, etc.  I’ll also be posting video content occasionally.

The audiobook industry is a wonderful business to be in, I love it, and I’ve got a lot to share about it.  Industry trends, the (true?) life of a narrator, the finer points of the storytelling craft, and some of the lighter side as well.  I love to laugh, especially at myself, so you’ll hear some of my “finest” moments in the recording booth.

One more thing – the show premiers on March 15 with the first 5 half-hour episodes available all over the web.  You can listen at your leisure, although I highly recommend binging all 5 in one sitting.  It’s how all the cool kids consume content, after all!  After that, episode 6 will drop on March 29, and then new episodes every other Wednesday going forward.

THANK YOU!  You’re here at the beginning, and I couldn’t be more grateful!  Hold on tight, friend…

— John