John McLain has a great range as a voice actor. From funny dialogue to sweeping scenery, and from heartwarming characters to chilling villains, John draws audiences into the story and brings the author’s world to life.  Here are a few situational samples of John’s work.

Third Person – Male / Female Dialogue2019-03-06T09:05:41-06:00
First Person Male Dialogue2019-03-06T09:03:47-06:00
First Person Dialogue with 3 or More2019-03-06T09:04:24-06:00
First Person – Male / Female Dialogue2019-03-06T09:04:59-06:00
First Person Nonfiction2018-10-19T09:56:37-05:00
First Person Nonfiction2018-10-19T09:57:18-05:00
Third Person Narrative2018-10-19T09:57:54-05:00

Michael Santini & Ray Bolger
authors of “Operation Devil Horns”

“Really impressed at your interpretation of language and rhythms, as well as subtle changes of inflection, intonation, and accent between narration and different characters. A real honor to have a talent of your caliber bring the prose to life!”

Audiofile Magazine
review of “The Sinner’s Garden”

“John McLain’s versatile range and skill add to his narration…McLain inhabits these broken, imperfect characters with unique tonal shades and changes in vocal pitch. McLain’s deft portrayals…make this an audiobook to savor. “

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