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So long, Stitcher

Yes, it's sad but true.  As of August 29, 2023, Stitcher is no more.  Sailing off to that great podcast platform in the sky.  If you listen to The Audiobook [...]

Author and narrator Geoff Sturtevant!

Thanks again to my friend Geoff Sturtevant for riding along during Chapter 11 of the Trail!  Here's a link to some of Geoff's work: FlexFiction.com To check out the podcast [...]

Looking for a way to support Human artists?

Generative A.I. - it's everywhere, including in audiobooks.  Machines are telling stories and making audiobooks.  Will humans have a space when the dust settles?  That's a big question, and there [...]

John’s mic gallery

Howdy, fellow Trail riders!  Here's a look at some examples from my mic locker that we talked about on the show: This is one of my Shure [...]

2023 Audie Winners!

The Audiobook Trail congratulates all the winners this year.  You can see the complete listing by clicking here.

A friend that I’ve never met

The year was 1988.  I was an Oklahoma high school junior, plopped down in front of the family's trusty Sony Trinitron.  That's when I heard it the first time: the [...]

Generative A.I. panel discussion link

As promised in Chapter 4 of The Trail, here is the link to the SAG-AFTRA panel discussion we talked about on the show.  Interesting stuff! Click here to watch the [...]

Welcome to the Trail!

There are few things as exciting to me as a new frontier...stepping out into something I've never explored, and seeing what adventure lies beyond the next bend.  This new podcast [...]

2023 Audie Award finalists announced

And the nominees are... The Audiobook Trail congratulates all the finalists for the 28th Annual Audie Awards.  Check 'em all out here.  (And no, we didn't make the list this [...]

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