Howdy, fellow Trail riders!  Here’s a look at some examples from my mic locker that we talked about on the show:

This is one of my Shure SM-58 mics – the one that hasn’t seen much action!  A super durable dynamic mic, this is a standard vocal mic for live performance.  Not suitable for audiobook use.

Here’s the ElectroVoice RE20.  A high-quality dynamic microphone, you’ll find these in radio stations everywhere.  Even though I’d never use this for an audiobook, it’s the one I do use to produce The Audiobook Trail!

This is the Audio-Technica AT4040.  It’s a nice condenser microphone at an entry-level price – around $300.  I used this guy to record my first few dozen audiobooks.  Today, I mostly use it to record guitar amps in my music studio.

The Neumann TLM-103.  A transformer-less condenser microphone, this is my current (and likely forever!) audiobook microphone.  Just look at that diaphragm!  It really captures the human voice beautifully.