Audiofile Magazine review of John Muir

“The audiobook is packed with details about Muir’s life, but McLain’s easy-on-the-ears style renders them listenable, indeed essential for understanding this historic figure…his steady pace makes the narrative flow nicely.”

“Through deft pacing, McLain gives this audiobook strong expression and heightens the dramatic tension…McLain’s excellent performance makes this audiobook exciting to listen to. ”

Audiofile Magazine
review of “Murder In The Manuscript Room”

“John is one of our go-to guys. A thorough, knowledgeable and reliable narrator who always delivers a first-rate recording. Highly recommended!”

Grover Gardner
Senior Audio Producer
Blackstone Publishing
(and award-winning narrator)

Michael Santini & Ray Bolger
Authors of “Operation Devil Horns”

“Really impressed at your interpretation of language and rhythms, as well as subtle changes of inflection, intonation, and accent between narration and different characters.  A real honor to have a talent of your caliber bring the prose to life!”

James Mahaffey    Author of “Atomic Awakening”

“You really bring the narration alive. I love it!”

Audiofile Magazine   Review of “The Happiest Life”

“McLain’s deep, powerful voice cuts to the chase and adds strength…”

Audiofile Magazine
review of “The Sinner’s Garden”

“John McLain’s versatile range and skill add to his narration…
McLain inhabits these broken, imperfect characters with unique
tonal shades and changes in vocal pitch. McLain’s deft portrayals…
make this an audiobook to savor. “

Mark Torres
author of “A Stirring In The North Fork”

“…all I can say is WOW! Even though I wrote this book and read it a thousand times during edits, hearing it as read by John gave me chills and made me appreciate the story so much more.”

Leslie Kreuger
Production Manager
Oasis Audio

“His quality of work is top notch! He has great variance to his voice, puts in the research for characters and takes care with every detail. I look forward to the future projects we have together because I know they will be done well. Voice actors like John make my life as a producer easy!”

Audiofile Magazine
review of “The Resurrection of Nat Turner Pt. 1, The Witnesses”

“John McLain’s narration is gentle as he relates the simple joys of liberation…His tone shifts to one of harshness as he delivers the angry words and thoughts of the slaveholders who testify…”

“Sometimes the lucky audiobook listener has every expectation met and exceeded. Narrator John McLain dazzles with his deadpan delivery of humor, of moments that tug on one’s heartstrings, and of every emotion in between…As narrator, McLain masterfully adds to the story of this Christian traveler without taking over the production.”

Audiofile Magazine
review of “We Stood Upon Stars”

“Narrator John McLain uses his sonorous voice splendidly to dissect the many points discussed. His delivery helps the listener develop a basic understanding…Though not an easy task, he moves through complicated discussions with ease. In addition, McLain does a fine job with the personal interviews by varying his inflection to create a distinctive voice for each speaker. His meticulous attention to these enhancements gives listeners a better understanding of the material.”

Audiofile Magazine

review of “Stealing From God”

Sterling Nixon    Author of “Seven Days”

“John McLain is one of the most talented narrators I have worked with. I have nothing but the best to say about the quality of his work and his professional attitude. He brought a poignant mix of depth and emotion to my novel using an array of accents, tones, and voices that were perfectly executed. “

Audiofile Magazine   Review of “The Scientology Murders”

“McLain does a great job with the assorted characters, especially the killer, whom he gives a creepy, nervous, shaky voice. All the voices are distinct, easy to keep track of, and appropriate…”

Bennet Pomerantz
review of “The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part 1: The Witnesses”

“Narrator John McLain captured my heart and my interest…never bored me once in the over 13 hours of listening time. He creates a covenant…transports the listener. You will be intrigued.”

Audiofile Magazine
review of “The Vow”

“John McLain’s resonant voice and theatrical chops highlight the inspirational aspects of the couple’s story without overplaying the melodrama. His splendid interpretation uncovers more emotional depth in the husband’s perspective than would be obvious from the narrative and dialogue alone.”

Joel Ohren (NgTo)
author of “Unethical Therapy From a Not-Too-Distant Galaxy”

” A competent narrator dramatizes a work. John McLain re-invents it. It is the difference between (to borrow from Mark Twain) a lightning bug and lightning. His talent is that bolt that electrifies my novels.”

Wayne Shepherd
Wayne Shepherd Communications

“I got to know John through Facebook and his website and when the right client came along, I knew he would be perfect. He nailed it!”