You’ve put in the hard work, spent the countless hours, and endured bouts of writer’s block and frustration.  But you’ve persevered.  As an audiobook performer, I’ve read stacks and stacks of books in a variety of genres, picked them apart, studied them – and even I can’t imagine the work it takes to actually write one.  Seriously – congratulations.

No doubt you have plans for your work, and at least a couple of different ways you want to sell it.  Don’t forget – in our age of constant hustle, people have fewer and fewer hours to sit down and read your story.  That’s why audiobooks are booming!  People can now experience the profound benefit of books, in a way that fits their busy lifestyle.  Your work – your story – told by a performer who specializes in lifting your words off the page, and inviting an audience into your world.  That’s audiobooks, and that’s what I love to do.

You’ve done the hard part – you’ve used your gifts and created something unique and wonderful – a work of art.  I’d love the opportunity to help you share it with a massive new audience, and make it available through the largest audiobook retailers on the web to boot.

It is possible.  And it’s just a click away.


“…all I can say is WOW! Even though I wrote this book and read it a thousand times during edits, hearing it as read by John gave me chills and made me appreciate the story so much more.”